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A brief return to the land of the living

I almost never take sick days. Its just not my nature. I ended up taking three this week. Monday was forced, as it was a snow day, but really I should have slept that day anyway. Tuesday and Wednesday I soldiered on, in the same stupid way I always do, but Thursday and Friday I just couldn't get my act together, between the sneezing and the sinus headaches I can only shake my fist at those beasties from NASP who made me ill. Its still stuck in my ears but I can function well enough at this point.

Speaking of NASP (national association of school psychologists) I went to my first school psych conference last week! I learned lots and lots of interesting information, it was also a bit surreal. I feel there are two schools of school psychologists - super serious and supercilious. The former, with whom I align myself, dive in head first at the conferences and take in every thing they can. The latter are more interested in the area shopping and clubs, and lunching. It was refreshing to find a larger number of people like me, who look to apply their school psychology skills to every day life and are truly passionate about their work. Over all, I really enjoyed the experience. Next time, I'm taking airborn.

Since I last posted I accepted my internship placement in Boston public schools, and it looks like I'll be trained bilingually as well. This is super exciting, and my practicum experiences are the bright spot in my week. Not that I don't like where I work, I just feel more empowered to be a positive change agent as a direct service provider.

As of today it is T-minus 47 days until my comprehensive exam, and T-minus 48 days until my PRAXIS liscensure exam. Needless to say, I am off to study.

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