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I am finally begining to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester. I created word document files for all the assignments left to do: fifteen total. fifteen assignments until the winter respite (when I will be studying for my comp. exam). asideCollapse )

My classes are going well enough - I should pass them all, if not pass them all well. I was able to score a 90% on the ethics and law midterm, which I think its pretty good. (120 multiple choice questions - just like the lisensure exam). I just turned in one paper that is worth 40% of my child and adolscent counseling grade. I think I should be able to swing at least a B on it. The transcription alone was over 30 pages. My research in counseling class, I just want to pass. Which I am now. Leaving my education class (understanding reading), which I am doing stellar in.

My chinese class is also going well (sunday mornings, not for school) I had compliments from the teacher and my fellow students today! I try to be modest, but it sure is nice to hear that I sound like I may know what I'm doing. I hate to think how much further progress I could make if I actually had time to practise. I am applying the things I'm learning in my reading class to the acquisition of this third language. Phenomes, phonemic awareness, things like that. Its interesting how quickly we forget the aspect of sounding out words when we become proficient readers. I was struggling to blend two sounds (an initial sound and a final sound). I took a step back and considered what I would tell a child I was working with if he or she were struggling in English, and tried it out. Its now the way all the adults around the table work out the sounds we struggle with, and the way our teacher (sun lao shi) helps us. If I hadn't been taking that class I don't know how long it would have taken for that to occur to me.

Today I'm going to try and finish as many assignments as I can. I'll probably start with the easier ones, for my ethics and law class, move on to the self reflection pieces, and then onto the items that require supporting research. If I get the easier assignments done first, with my blazing speed and accuracy, I'll have time and concentration to devote to the harder assignments.


In general my health has been improving. With last month's crazy schedule exampleCollapse ) I was felled with migraines only twice in that month.

Yesterday, however, I was beyond ill with a migraine. I woke up with it, thought perhaps I was hungry, perhaps I was in coffee withdrawl. Had a hearty, stick to your ribs, steel cut "irish style" oatmeal, and got a coffee on the way to my elementary school pre-prac site. It continued to get worse. It became so bad I was sheilding my eyes from the lights in the staff meeting, had to excuse myself from working with someone to get sick, and was eventually sent home. I drove to my mothers house, holding my eyes open. I wasn't tired, I've been sleeping much more. I slept from 4-6 at her house, and then slept 12-9 today.

And my head is hurting again today. I have no idea whats the matter. I don't think I've been as healthy as I am now in quite a long time. I'm working on loosing weight in a responsible way - exercising, eating veggies and trying to keep the protein up (mostly in nuts and beans, as I'm trying to live a more veg. lifestyle for the environmental and health concerns), and the fats/sugars/simple carbs down. Taking vitamins. I'm sleeping more than I did last month. And I'm honestly quite happy - I love my new job, I love helping people, I love getting to be in the schools - to effect change in some small way! - and I have the love of my life. Things with my family aren't horrible either. I don't think its stress related.

My headaches are almost always on the same side as my neuralgia, which is disconcerting. If it doesnt clear itself up sooner than later I'm afraid I'll have to go back and see Dr. Mouchatti. As much as I love him and appreciate the work he has done with me I don't want to go back on Tegretol.

Over all, its frustrating and scary. I've always been afraid I'd get bone cancer, or some kind of invisible disease that can't be diagnosed until its too late. Brains are so complex, having such pain in my head is distressing. Really, we know relatively little regarding neurology, much like we know relatively little regarding cancer. If you can't be treated by the current knowledge we have, you are essentially SOL. I am still amazed at the fact they found my neuralgia and the way my life was turned around by my treatment. My greatest fear is that something will change, something will progress, and there will be no answers, or the only answer will be surgery. Having my breast tumor removed was scary enough, I do not need the stress of getting my skull hacked open!

I simply do not like this.

A rare political post

Generally, I try to keep my political views to myself. I feel most people know I stand relatively left on the liberalism scale (I felt politically comfortable at Clark, after all). I do feel, however, at this juncture its time for a bit of reflection.

After we had whittled our presidential candidates down to three (Hillary, Barack and John) I felt we would be better off in January than we had been these last four years. That I would not be overly upset if the dems didn't take back the white house (as long as we didn't loose the legislature). After Sarah Palin was selected as the VP candidate this hope was completely obliterated. If this man is willing to put this nation in the hands of such a woman I do not trust his judgement. No questions, no trepidations, I simply do not trust his judgement.

I do prefer Barack. I agree with more of his positions. I think we need a timeline for withdrawl from Iraq. (If a child needs help you do not sit and write his math homework - you teach him how to do it, practise with him, and give him a chance to fly. With a gradual withdrawl we would be there to support if the accomodations were not right.) We need to focus more on Pakistan - not on military action, but on building the country back up to the place it was before the Taliban and our military intervention. (Listen/read the BBC - you will be blown away at the inroads the Taliban has again). I trust him to get views from various sources, and to be flexible. (Imagine talking to "hostile nations" in the "axis of evil"!)

By no means I am entirely happy with Obama. I would have prefered more details early in the campaign - hope is great, but details will keep the country running. I feel both candidates have neglected education. (You do not want to get me started on NCLB or the national reading panel)

I suppose, really, I wanted to share this to help those undecided work through their own process. I know its not easy, but it is incredibly necessay. People around the world are depending on us to make a good decision here. As long as the decision is well researched and something you can stand up for, I respect whatever you decide.

Just don't forget to (register and) vote.

public notice:

I would like to inform George W. Bush that visiting Texas regarding hurricane Gustav* does not make up for the neglect during huricane Katrina, nor does it negate the fact you ignored the perils of global warming for so long.

*please also note, the hurricane may not hit Texas, and if it does, it is yet unclear the location of the greatest damage.

You have got to be kidding me.

I just went to try and get my mail only to be stung by some kind of insect. Bee? Wasp? Demon? No matter what it hurts like a beast because its on my nose. Yes, on my nose. If the left side were a Q, looking in the mirror, it is the mirror reflection of the leg on the Q. So the outer left side of my nose (my left).

Lyme in a city backyard, sting on the nose while trying to get mail in a city as well. Maybe if I became a farmer I'd be better off!

EDIT: I wanted to mention I am thankful it was only one, and it just bit my nose, did not enter my body in any way.

Are we serious?!?

It absolutely kills me that the man who allows dry drowning, among other atrocities, is criticizing China's human rights record. Lets wash our own mirrors before calling another's dirty.

It also bears remembering that one persons freedom fighter is another persons terrorist.

Apparently we are serious about this.

After 10 days of antibiotic a-bombs, my rash is clearing and I have stopped sleeping constantly. (Honestly, my sister thought I was dead a number of times, because I would just fall asleep). I'm going to do 4 more days of treatment, per my doctor and the CDC's newest guidelines.

I was having trouble breathing on Friday, so I went to the hospital. The first doctor suggested a spinal tap - which I politely declined.

I still can't believe I got lyme disease in Quincy. We have no deer in Squantum!

But, thankfully, I am doing much better. I hope to soon resume my regular levels of activity. Thank goodness for modnern medicine!

I honestly live in the twilight zone.

On July 4th I went down to Squantum for celebrations, etc. I noticed I was bitten twice (despite wearing bug spray) on my right leg. The next day - BAM - 2-3 inch in diameter welt like bumps on my leg.

I went to the doctor today. I have to go back tomorrow for blood tests, and to the derm on Tuesday. When she mentioned the possibility of lyme disease all I could think about was the whiny girl from Real World: Seattle.

Heavens to Betsy. Are we serious about this?!

Hopefully this will resolve soon.

Summer travel story.

NPR's Weekend America program asked listeners to submit their summer travel stories. Here is mine:

I wanted to have an adventure, one worth telling my children about in years to come. The first summer I had my own car I decided to traverse the almost 300 miles from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Allentown, Pennsylvania. I had transferred from one college to another after my freshman year, leaving a handful of women who had become like sisters to me. As we were approaching our senior year, we arranged for one last hurrah over a long weekend in the summer heat. On a bright Friday morning I loaded my car with two pies, a large coffee and music to drive by. While seeing my friends for the first time in three years was amazing and amusing, as if we had never parted, the most rewarding aspect of the trip was proving to myself that I could travel so far, without incident, on my own; that I could travel the roads of states so different than my own, only six months after being petrified to drive on any highway. With this experience I knew, I am strong enough and tenacious enough to withstand 18-wheelers and Tappan Zee Bridge traffic, I am strong enough to handle whatever life brings my way.

Whats yours?



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Fall 2007
COUNSL 614 Counseling Theory and Practice I
SPY G 604 Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Assessment and Intervention
SPY G 602 Cognitive and Educational Assessment and Intervention I

Spring 2008
COUNSL 608 Abnormal Psychology
SPY G 603 Cognitive and Educational Assessment and Intervention II (Prereq.: SPY 602)
COUNSL 653 Cross Cultural Counseling (Prerequisite: COU 614 and 617)

Summer 2008
SPY G 612 Learning and the Curriculum
COUNSL 635 Behavioral Counseling (Prerequisites: COUNSL 614 and 617)

Fall 2008
SPY G 601 Issues and Ethics in School Psychology
COUNSL 601 Research and Evaluation
COUNSL 617 Child and Adolescent Therapy (Prerequisite: COU 614)

Spring 2009
SPY G 607 Remedial and Preventive Individual and Systems Interventions (Prerequisites: SPY 603, 604, COU 614)
SPY G 685 Practicum in School Psychology (Prerequisites: SPY 601, SPY 602, COUNSL 614)
COUNSL 650 Group Counseling of Children and Adolescents (Prerequisites: COUNSL 615 and 617)

Summer 2009
COUNSL 632 Collaborative Consultation in Schools
EDC G 646 Reading Methods

Fall 2009
SPY G 610 Neuropsychology (Prerequisites: COUNSL 608, SPY 602) (this class is supposed to be like taking two classes at once)
SPY G 686 Practicum in School Psychology (Prerequisites: SPY 601, SPY 602, COUNSL 614)

Spring 2010
SPY G 688 Internship in School Psychology I 1st Semester
(Prerequisite: MTEL pass; Faculty approval, coursework completed)
SPY G 691 Seminar in School Psychology I 1st Semester
(Prerequisites: MTEL pass; Faculty approval, coursework completed)

Summer 2010

Fall 2010
SPY G 688 Internship in School Psychology II 2nd Semester
(Prereq.: Grade of B or better in SPY 688)
SPY G 691 Seminar in School Psychology I & II 2nd Semester
(Prereq.: Grade of B or better in SPY 691)

MEd Capstone Comprehensive Exam - Spring 2009 After passing this I will have my masters of education
(taken after 12 courses, including SPY 601, SPY 602, SPY 603, SPY 604, SPY 607, COU 601, COU 608, COU 614, COU 632, and COU 653)

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